Code of Ethics

Ethical decision-making is as imperative to a journalist’s skill-set as interviewing, writing, editing, photography and design, thus it’s crucial that we understand and follow closely the fundamental values of ethical journalism.

As reporters focused on bringing objective points of view to make light of many complex events around the world, we fully comprehend the moral imperative to act, report and conduct ourselves in a transparent, fair and objective manner.

We likewise comprehend the impact that our work has at a social level and aim to be trusted source of information for our readers. As such, Peak News Media pledges to avoid publishing news pieces that advertise or encourage:

  1. Gambling
  2. Alcohol and tobacco products
  3. Drugs and prescription medication
  4. Illegal fire arms and their use
  5. Antisocial behaviors
  6. Slander journalism
  7. Pyramid and get-rich-quick schemes
  8. Pornography and adult entertainment