SBAV Group Relocates Corporate Headquarters

Successful planned business developments prompt relocation to new address for operational efficiency

April 6, 2018 – SCMP

SBAV Group has officially announced today the relocation of its corporate headquarters to a new address in Tokyo following a sizeable expansion of its business activities, which has been underway since 2016.

After last year’s internal restructuring as well as the development of a proprietary self-sustaining development strategy, SBAV Group has decided to expand their physical capacities in order to accommodate a growing team of investment advisors. This has been an expected development following the establishment of its Human Resources Development Department which has bolstered the company’s ranks for the past two years.

“While it has been a challenging affair, this relocation will exponentially increase our operational capability and provide an improved environment for our future undertakings,” said Edmund Banner, CEO at SBAV Group. “Fortunately for us our present infrastructure will enable developments that target a wider range of exciting opportunities.”

The company’s new location situated in Shinjuku Eastside Square provides a more spacious and appropriately situated environment than the company’s former headquarters in Shinjuku 311 Building, which will remain operational and will be occupied by SBAV Group’s Human Resources Development Department, the company’s singular external-functioning department.

Functioning as a sub-branch of the corporate Human Resources Department which is situated in the company’s new corporate headquarters, the Human Resources Development Department will serve as the company’s entry point for new members and recruits and will focus on developing future professionals by providing comprehensive guidance, training, industry segment-specific courses and also simulated trials to gauge their competencies. Furthermore, corporate officials indicate a shift in the company’s overall business strategy directly linked to this recent relocation.

“Over the last few years we have invested in developing our enterprise in a manner that will enable SBAV Group to provide our clients with better services and stellar investment opportunities,” commented Keiji Inoki, Executive Vice-President at SBAV Group. “Even as we speak, we are elaborating a new trading approach that we are confident will exceed their expectations, making use of some of the most recent technological developments available.”

About SBAV Group

At SBAV Group we seek to provide the best investment performance and asset management experience. Since our establishment we have fruitfully collaborated with our diversified base of clients creating lasting business relationships built upon a foundation confidence, respect and professional integrity.

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